Administering COVID-19 Vaccine in the Primary Care Setting


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Course Description

The Illinois State Medical Society, the Illinois Department of Public Health and Illinois Academy of Family Physicians hosted this program, which examined the expanding COVID-19 vaccine distribution to primary care physicians. As of April 2021, more than 23,000 medical offices are enrolled as COVID-19 vaccinators, but only a quarter of those have received supplies of vaccines. Out of the total number of vaccines sent to all the vaccination sites in the state, less than 5% of doses have been delivered to medical offices. As vaccine supplies increase, primary care physicians and medical offices can play a much larger role in COVID-19 vaccinations. 

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this learning activity, participants will be able to:

  • Describe how to enroll in I-CARE and execute a COVID-19 vaccine provider agreement
  • Place a direct order for COVID-19 vaccine
  • Describe a hub and spoke model for vaccine ordering for smaller practices
  • Explain vaccine storage requirements and implications for ordering and administration
  • Identify ways to minimize waste and prioritize not missing a vaccine opportunity
  • Apply lessons learned from case study of integrating COVID-19 vaccine into physician practice
  • Use simple actions to improve vaccine uptake among patients
  • Obtain answers to questions about administering COVID-19 vaccine in the primary care setting

Additional information


The recommendations contained in this resource are not intended to define conduct that is appropriate in every case, should not be considered as establishing any standard of care, and do not constitute legal advice. Physicians, clinicians and healthcare providers should take care to ensure that all care rendered reflects the best clinical judgment and complies with the laws and regulations of the state or location at which the care was provided.

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Regan Thomas, MD

Catherine Counard, MD, MPH

Santina Wheat, MD, MPH

LaDaryl Hale

Heidi Clark


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