A core benefit for Illinois State Medical Society members is access to our popular webinar series.  ISMS members and their staff can sign up for ISMS-sponsored webinars for free. Here is a list of our upcoming courses.  Members receive email notifications when course registration opens.  If you aren’t receiving notices, contact us to make sure you are added to our education promotion list.



September 18   Price Transparency: Understanding the Patient’s Out-of-Pocket Expenses

September 19   Avoid the Modifier Morass: The Proper Use of Common Modifiers for Medicare Billing



October 3            Modifiers: Part 2

October 17          Modifiers: Q&A

October 25          The Other Side of the Audit: A Utilization Review From the Payer Perspective



November 6       Physician Burnout



December 12     Price Transparency: Building a Defensible Fee Schedule         


Also Coming in 2019


TBD                        Legislative Update


TBD                        Violence Against Health Professionals (Prevention & Response)


TBD                        Billing and Prior Authorization


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