Risk Assessments

ISMIE offers all policyholders the opportunity to undergo an on-site risk assessment. This assessment focuses on principles of good risk management and evaluates how well your practice or facility is addressing these potential litigation landmines. Upon completion of this assessment, you will receive personalized feedback and recommendations to help address any potential issues.

Step 1 – Learn what’s required
Before requesting an assessment, we strongly recommend you take a moment to review our website to learn what we will be asking, why we will be asking it, and ways you can prepare for an assessment – including the criteria for the medical records we will ask you to share with us.
Step 2 – Request an assessment
Please note, ISMIE Mutual assesses more than 2,500 clinicians each year. As a result, we strongly encourage all interested clinicians to submit their request for a risk assessment by our priority deadline of July 1st each year.
Step 3 – Prepare for your assessment
Next, you will want to prepare for your assessment.
Step 4 – Undergo your assessment
On your scheduled date and time, your risk management specialists will arrive at your practice or facility. All clinicians assessed will be invited to meet personally with the ISMIE risk management specialist to share their documentation and answer any questions. Please note that while clinician attendance is not mandatory, a suitable designee will need to be available to explain documentation and answer any questions. Find out what to expect on the day of your assessment.
Step 5 – Get personalized recommendations
Once the results are compiled, you will receive the results and any recommendations which are made.