COVID-19 Risk Management Resources

We will continue to update this page as more information becomes available; please be sure to check back regularly for continued guidance on the outbreak.

ISMIE risk management resources:

  • Coronavirus Disease 2019: Here’s a high-level look at the risk management considerations that practices and facilities may want to take into account during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more.
  • Telemedicine: This resource covers the basics – whether you’re considering the use of telemedicine for the first time or you have offered these services previously. Read more.
  • Telemedicine – sample consent form: Telemedicine can offer a way to care for appropriate patients while complying with social distancing mandates – but first, it’s important to be sure you and your patient are on the same page. View our sample consent form (ISMIE policyholder login required).
  • Webinar: Litigation Stress in the Era of COVID-19: What should physicians know about litigation risk in the setting of a pandemic? View our on-demand webinar to learn about ways in which the COVID-19 pandemic is raising questions about liability and litigation risk, and how physicians can protect themselves (ISMIE policyholder login required).
  • Webinar: Physician Well-Being: What’s Changed and What’s More Important than Ever in the Wake of COVID-19: Working to address physician well-being is a complex but highly important issue, and the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the urgency and need to support our healthcare professionals. View our on-demand webinar on physician well-being (ISMIE policyholder login required).
  • Webinar: Telemedicine during COVID-19: What are the biggest benefits – and risks – of using telemedicine to care for patients during COVID-19? Which videoconferencing technologies are considered secure? View our on-demand webinar for a primer on telemedicine and keeping patients safe.
  • Wellness for healthcare professionals during COVID-19: During this exceptionally challenging time, self-care is essential – and these tips may help. Read more.
  • Suspending your practice: Given the uncertain climate created by the spread of COVID-19, it may be wise to have a plan in place should you need to suspend your practice in the future or even immediately. Read more (ISMIE policyholder login required).
  • Reopening your practice: As healthcare professionals prepare to resume operations, it’s important to consider the many changes that have occurred, and how they can impact your practice. Read more.

Coverage FAQs:

Whether you have questions about expanding your services, are wondering how ISMIE will support retired physicians or are looking to suspend your coverage, our FAQs can help. Read more.

Resources from other organizations:


Last updated 7/31/2020